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USPA NEWS - With the increasing number of seniors in modern societies and the arrival of baby boomers at retirement age, the demand for services and products for this target is constantly growing. Among the most sought after by seniors: solutions allowing them to live longer at home and do so in complete safety. Bluelinea and Papyhappy, two references on the Silver Economy market, are joining forces today to offer the elderly a solution guaranteeing maximum security in their home. These solutions that guarantee seniors maximum home security. Living at home longer: seniors choose remote assistance
The range of remote assistance services currently available on the market is very rich. However, the tools guaranteeing safety for seniors and detecting falls in particular (the leading cause of death at home) are aimed either at independent elderly people living in their own accommodation or at people in specialized establishments such as nursing homes.
Until now, there has been no "intermediate" solution: allowing you to continue living at home while waiting to move into a new place of life, more suited to an elderly person. Source: BluLinea, PapyHappy
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A 24 HOUR REMOTE ASSISTANCE SERVICE THANKX TO THE « HELP CALL BUTTON » Papyhappy and Bluelinea have developed a series of connected solutions linked to a 24-hour remote assistance service. This new solution allows seniors to continue living at home while waiting to move into a new, more suitable place to live. The two companies offer equipment such as a HELP call button, smart watch, smartphone or bracelet, depending on lifestyle, needs and preferences. These new devices are intended to reassure seniors but also their families. In the event of a fall, simply press the call button which redirects us directly to a Bluelinea adviser. Depending on the gravity of the situation, the counselor can put the senior in touch with one of his relatives or with the emergency services, if necessary. PAPYHAPPY AND BLUELINEA TEAM UP TO SUPPORT SENIORS IN THEIR LIFE CHANGE----------------------------- This new alliance between the two references of the Silver Economy aims to provide the best support for seniors in their change of place of life and to guarantee their safety during this transition phase. The new service is aimed at people who are at home or those who are already in an Ehpad. Indeed, it is often appropriate to equip a resident of an establishment suffering from Alzheimer's disease with a geolocation device of the BlueGard type. Thus, beyond protecting the elderly person and giving a little more serenity to the carers, this makes it possible to delay the transfer of this person in a secure service. The founders of Bluelinea also point out other advantages that this new device represents. This is a great opportunity to meet families who are thinking about or who are in immediate need of home support solutions. Beyond these offers, Bluelinea psychologists can also support families and individuals before and at the very start of their arrival in nursing homes. This support is far from trivial and especially carried out at a key time for the whole family. ABOUT PAPYHAPPY--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created in 2016, Papyhappy is the first multi-country senior housing platform. The company is developing a research tool that offers an increasingly simple answer to seniors and caregivers. This decision-making tool facilitates access to information and restores choice for seniors and their families. Papyhappy also develops personalized support, from the choice of accommodation to moving. Source : ABOUT BLUELINEA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founded in 2006 by Alexis Westermann and Laurent Levasseur, Bluelinea has quickly established itself as a benchmark player in the deployment of bouquets of connected services to the homes of the elderly and people with disabilities. With this experience in the Silver Economy, the company has invested in the fields of innovation in healthcare establishments and more particularly in nursing homes. With more than 28,000 individuals subscribed to its connected services, 800 medico-social establishments equipped with its solutions, Bluelinea offers a differentiating and unique offer on its market, based on a triple challenge: protecting the fragile and dependent, assisting caregivers and supporting caregivers. Source:
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