A Thrilling Quarterfinal and a Dutch Party in Berlin

Netherlands vs. Turkey

Orange fans (Source: Internet)
Dutch fans in Berlin
(Source: Internet)
USPA NEWS - On Saturday, July 6, 2024, a thrilling quarterfinal match took place between the Netherlands and Turkey at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. This match was a crucial moment in the Euro 2024, with both teams fighting for a spot in the semifinals. The game ended in a 2-1 victory for the Netherlands, leading to ecstatic celebrations among the Dutch fans who had transformed Berlin into a sea of orange.
The Match
The match began with high energy and intensity from both sides. Turkey opened the scoring in the 35th minute with a goal from Samet Akaydin, sending the Turkish fans into a frenzy. However, the Netherlands remained determined and continued to press the Turkish defense. In the second half, the Netherlands made a strong comeback with a goal from Stefan de Vrij in the 70th minute, followed by a winning goal from Mert Muldur in the 76th minute. The match became even more intense when Bertug Yildirim from Turkey received a red card in the final minute, significantly reducing Turkey’s chances of making a comeback.
The match statistics highlight the intensity of the battle. The Netherlands had 56% possession and created 9 shots, with 4 on target. Turkey, on the other hand, had 44% possession and created 15 shots, with 4 on target. Both teams played physically, with the Netherlands committing 15 fouls and Turkey 7. The match was a true test of endurance and strategy for both teams.
The Fans
What truly made this match special was the atmosphere in Berlin. The Dutch fans, known for their exuberant and festive support, had flooded the city with orange. Tens of thousands of Dutch fans had traveled to Berlin and filled the streets with singing, dancing, and festive activities. The famous Oranje March, where fans walk in a massive parade to the stadium, was a spectacle in itself. The march began at 5:00 PM and attracted thousands of fans who sang and danced through the streets of Berlin.
The fan zone at Hammarskjöldplatz was the epicenter of the celebration. Here, fans gathered to enjoy performances by well-known Dutch artists such as Gerard Joling and Joël Borelli. The atmosphere was electric, with fans preparing for the big match by singing, dancing, and dressing up in the most creative orange outfits. From Delft blue costumes to cheese and tulip accessories, the Dutch fans showed why they are known as the most colorful and enthusiastic supporters in the world.
The Impact
The Netherlands’ victory over Turkey led to ecstatic celebrations among the Dutch fans. After the match, Berlin erupted into a massive party, with fans celebrating the victory with fireworks, si
The quarterfinal between the Netherlands and Turkey was an exciting and memorable match that captured the hearts of football fans around the world. The Dutch fans played a significant role in creating an unforgettable atmosphere in Berlin, turning the city into an orange party palace. With the semifinals on the horizon, the Oranje fever continues to rise, and fans look forward to more thrilling moments and victories.
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