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USPA NEWS - What if the devil came to visit you in the dead of night? What if, dressed in a fine suit, Lucifer himself offered you a deal? He would grant you only one wish: either Trump would lose the presidential election or Hillary would be indicted. Which one would you choose and shake Beelzebub's hand?

This is one of the most polarizing election in decades, a stark choice between two visions of America. Will Hillary Clinton offer a third term of Barack Obama? Will Donald Trump, as some critics claim, pose a threat to national security.

Causa Trump is reduced to his election promise closed formula: "Make America great again, while Causa Clinton marches to the beat of "We´re stronger together“.

The prospect of a "President Trump" fills any liberal heart with such horror that the temptation to use a Faustian wish and deny a "racist, misogynist, bullying fraud" the keys to the White House, is very deep. Every "xenophobe, workplace sexist and race-baiting populist", would have a role model at the pinnacle of global power. And that´s before you reckon on the ban on Muslims entering the US, the planned deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants and the willingness to use nuclear weapons in both the Middle East and Europe. Surely, the liberal-minded Faust of today would beg the devil to ensure Trump is crushed in November.

Conversely, the GOP's 800 pound elephant, blasts Clinton as "untrustworthy, crooked Hillary“aka “incompetent, heartless Hillary", a view bolstered by the still ongoing email scandal and the Benghazi tragedy which has followed her since her days at the State Department. Garnering support for Donald Trump, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, reminds us that 75% of Americans view Washington, D.C, a place where Hilary Clinton has built a deep establishment within politics, as very corrupt. He argued that while Hilary may have the analytics to back her up, Trump was able to clinched the Republican nomination despite entering the presidential race extremely late in the game. If “he changes the American voter map then this will change the electoral map.

Based on their speeches and websites, here is a rundown of what we know about policies on key issues in brief.



CLINTON: Raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, very worker entitled to up to 12 weeks of paid family leave and an additional 12 weeks of paid medical leave invest $275bn invest in infrastructure. TRUMP: Create jobs, economy run by businessmen, tax relief for the middle-class.


CLINTON: New College Compact, students should never have to borrow to pay for tuition, books and fees. TRUMP: No clear direction, but he has said there is no reason the federal government should profit from student loan.

Foreign Policy

CLINTON: Military intervention in Lybia and Syria, strong support for Israel, endorses Obama´s nuclear deal with Iran. TRUMP:"America first"and "stay unpredictable" approach", seeks to regain international respect for the US by showing of strength, destroying Isis in Iraq and Syria, rejects nuclear deal with Iran, strong support for Israel and demands support from US allies.

Trade Outlook

CLINTON: Anti Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) as it does not meet current standards and is responsible for job loss. TRUMP:Anti Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP) "we have lost millions of jobs to China already".


CLINTON: Facilitate citizenship which enables millions of illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship. TRUMP: Will build a wall along the US /Mexican Border, the wall will be paid for with Mexican funds and he will deport 11 million undocumented aliens.


CLINTON: Retain Obamacare, support "Pro-Choice", safe, legal abortions. TRUMP: Immediately repeal Obamacare, support Pro-Life.

Environmental Issues

CLINTON: 500m Solar panels, launch a $60bn Clean Energy Challenge and a $30bn plan to revitalize coal communities. TRUMP:Does not believe in global warming, cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Arms Control

CLINTON: Hold dealers and manufacturers accountable, stronger background checks, denial of permits. TRUMP: Protects the second amendment to our constitution, "the right of all people to keep and bear arms".

Judicial System

CLINTON: End mass incarceration, supports the death penalty for "particularly heinous crimes". TRUMP: Tough on crime, longer prison sentences, supports the death penalty for those who kill police officers.

It is fair to say that the 2016 elections have been one of the strangest in recent memory, there really is no political event on the planet quite matching this absurd spectacle. "You know we're in trouble when Jerry Springer even thinks it´s over the top,“ said former Secretary of State Colin Powell. I'll have to second this!

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