Antoine Glaser unveiled his new book entitled Arrogant as French in Africa

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Antoine Glaser logo (Source: Courtesy Antoine Claser)
Arrogant as French in Africa
(Source: Courtesy Antoine Claser)
USPA NEWS - The new book by Antoine Glaser, former director of "La Lettre du Continent", has just been published by Editions Fayard. He presents the pitch of his book inspired by French colonialism in Africa, entitled " Arrogant as French in Africa" about the "Love and Hate" between France and Africa.
Antoine Claser author
Source: Courtesy Antoine Claser
The new book by Antoine Glaser, former director of "La Lettre du Continent" (" Letter of the Continent"), has just been published by Editions Fayard. Former director of La Lettre du Continent presents the pitch of his book inspired by French colonialism in Africa. It is a book that sheds new lights on the complexity of the "Love-Hate" between leaders and politics French vis a vis Africa and Africans.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "France wakes up in Africa with a hangover She thought everything was still under control and that his" African science "was infallible All this is an illusion.. The policies, religious, social and economic of this continent have completely escaped him. By arrogance, French leaders have never really interested in the complexity of Africa. As for those who settled there throughout the Cold War - came to teach cooperating living there or military family - they more often sought to train Africans in their own image as to understand their characteristics and desires.--------------------------------------------------------------------- Moreover, in France itself, not do we love that African French like us?------------------------------------------------------------------ Today France pays dearly arrogance. Older generations accuse it of ingratitude, while young graduates turned away at the doors of consulates prefer to pursue their studies elsewhere. The largest French industrial companies losing contracts they thought to be due and market share to their Chinese competitors.------------------------------------------------------------------------ The French Catholic congregations are strongly competition from Wake Churches (Evangelical, Pentecostal, charismatic ...), not to mention the expansion of radical Islamism. Ignorance of Africa and Africans led France to anachronistic analyzes and underestimate the wealth of this continent and its diaspora. It is this contempt Antoine Glaser is working to denounce in his new book "Arrogant as French in Africa." It is time to stop lecturing and learn from Africa! Antoine Claser This book is also available in digital version.

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