Former President Hollande, runs for MP's (Source: TV Caption Tf1)
USPA NEWS - Former French President Francois Hollande (2012-2017), is running for a MP’s seat, after current President Emmanuel Macron dissolved last Sunday 9 June 2024. \In the meantime, the political parties, from Far right to Far left, the candidates have presented their candidates to occupy the five hundred seventy seven seats at the Chamber of Representative.
This candidacy of Francois Hollande to the upcoming electiosn (to be held 30 June, 7 July) (In Tulle, Correze) surprises and annoys many, , who used to be the general Secretary of Socialist Party, is to represent this left party, which is now United with LFI France (Rebellious France, Party founded and chaired by Jean Luc Melenchon), Communist Party, EELV (Green Ecologist Party), NPA (Anticapitalist Party) forming an emerging Electoral Group “ the popular front” (Front Populaire)
The public announcement of the former president of the republic whose political activity has been silenced, since he ceded the Presidency to Emmanuel Macron in 2017, had the effect of a big bomb in the political environment . Indeed, the adhesion of Rebellious France, Communist Party, Ecologist Group and AntiCapitalist is revealed, more brought before the media by the major figures of Rebellious France (7.5% of MEP's Votes won by Manon Aubry), versus the Socialist Party which is the party that brought 15% of MEP's votes by rapahel Gluksman. The latter, freshly re-elected MEP (Public Place, Socio Democrat) although having signed the alliance of these left-wing parties, is for his part absent from meetings and official meetings of the Popular Front.
This union, with purely electoral intentions, shows uncertainty regarding the understanding of the guiding line of this emerging left, because these political parties did not get along before this new legislative campaign, and suffering from a lack of clear leadership. The war of egos provoked the announcement of two leaders of Rebellious France, Francois Rufin (Former MP of Somme, far leftist) and Jean Luc Melenchon (Founder of Rebellious France, far leftist former senator and former MP) and Fabien Roussel (Leader of the Communist Party, former MP) of their desire to occupy the post of Prime Minister in the event of success of their electoral camp, after the 2nd round on July 7.

Legislative Elections Poster
Source: French Government
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Source: New Popular Front
This contributes to great confusion, as to the "leader" of this party conveniently unified ad hoc in "barrier to the RN (Party fo Marine Le Pen, Far right) close to power, majority (Last Polling Ifop 35% Voting intentions) via political tactics, and save the seats of former deputies. As for the voters, they risk being confused in the face of an internal battle which is bogged down at the moment, over the choice of the future Prime Minister, while the programs must. rather work to convince voters and "avoid the swinging vote towards the Jordan Bardella's National Rally"…/
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