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Freedom seekers and Journalists are being attacked
Iran and Iranians are not belongs to Him
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USPA NEWS - The Islamic Republic regime becomes more vulgar, savage, terrorist, and dangerous every day.

Yet, the world continues to engage with the terrorist government of Iran, led by a delusional individual!

These days, 90% of the news is about crimes, atrocities, wars, and disorder against humanity, with the Islamic Republic government and the terrorist group IRCG contributing to these crimes.

Can't the countries of the world truly stand against the Islamic Republic of Iran?

The Iranian Islamic government has become so shameless and disgraceful that it even attacks journalists in countries like Britain!
On March 29, 2024, a well-known presenter of the opposition network to the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Iran International TV in London, was attacked by 2 terrorists with knives, inflicting 4 stab wounds, and he is currently hospitalised in London.

But shouldn't this issue concern the countries of the world more than ever?
And find a way to prevent and destroy the Islamic Republic regime!

The people inside Iran are becoming poorer every moment. Inflation is so high that it is unimaginable.
For example, I can compare the price of the dollar in March 2023 with the current situation.

The price of one US dollar in Iran last year at this time was 30,000 Iranian tomans, and now, today, the price of one US dollar in Iran is 62,800 tomans.

This type of inflation is a sign of the inevitable fall of the Islamic Republic and the reign of Khamenei.

However, if the countries of the world help the people of Iran achieve freedom, otherwise, the Iranian government, to prevent anyone from returning to the streets, is more than ever in the history of disgraceful Ayatollahs, killing innocent people, and the physical elimination of each of the opponents of the regime of the Ayatollahs increases every day.
Similarly, to suppress the internal thoughts of young people, especially young Iranian girls, it unjustly puts them to death, and for each of these girls, it creates a different scenario.
Sara Tabrizi, Latest victim.
The latest victim is a young 20-year-old girl named Sara Tabrizi, who was summoned by Iran's intelligence police on March 25, 2024, and her lifeless body was found in her home on March 26, 2024. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as always, tries to impose a psychological state on a very small religious minority, perhaps 2% of the country's population, that they are still powerful, but at the cost of killing innocent and purposeless Iranian youth whose only desire is a normal life like everyone else in the world.The Islamic Republic under the leadership of Ali Khamenei bears no resemblance to a legitimate government; they are occupiers and intensely hostile to Iranians and the world. The Ayatollahs possess a highly dangerous ideology that is not only dangerous for Iran but for all of humanity. They consider themselves representatives of God and instill this sentiment in their supporters and allies.It must be destroyed from its roots as soon as possible before it's too late. The Ayatollahs are far more dangerous than perhaps governments around the world perceive.
They are so dangerous that they have spent all of Iran's wealth on their own power, purchasing, looting, or manufacturing numerous weapons. Currently, they have resumed uranium enrichment, and it's regrettable that this government is still in power, despite having many opponents. It can boldly be stated that 70% of the Iranian people consider the complete collapse of the Islamic Republic as the only way to achieve peace and a peaceful world, while another 28% of the people inside Iran have chosen silence and may still be unaware, but undoubtedly, if a referendum for freedom were to take place in Iran, they too would not vote for the Islamic Republic government.
The Ayatollahs' government in Iran seriously only have the support of a minority population of 2%. Therefore, they have been forced to use terrorist individuals to suppress protests within Iran, who are mainly from terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah terrorists and many other’s groups like Terrorist of Hash al Sha’abi.

For this reason, protests in Iran are brutally suppressed in the worst possible manner, and the people of Iran truly live in a large prison managed by the greatest enemy of humanity
Ali Khamenei is the greatest enemy of Iran and Iranians.
But is there really no solution for the destruction of the Ayatollah regime?

Surely there is: The first step is don’t count Abraham Raisi as president of Iran , and don’t issue any kind of visa's for him

Did you know that he only attended school for 6 years?
He can't even read a sentence properly from a piece of paper and has never been a good speaker.
Yet, Abraham Raisi, who is one of the greatest enemies of humanity and collaborated with his friend terrorist Ali Khamenei in carrying out numerous mass executions in Iran in 1989, still appears in the United Nations in America and is still recognised by the world as the President!
But is he really the president?

I request you, dear reader, to listen to Abraham Raisi's speeches and also research about him in your free time. You will understand what an unworthy person the president of such a significant country geographically, strategically, and in terms of resources, culture, history, and oil and gas reserves has become. This could be the bitterest comedy of these days on Earth, as Abraham Raisi, Ali Khamenei, and the likes become more dangerous, serious, and savage with each passing moment.
The second important solution to combat and facilitate the downfall of the Ayatollahs in Iran is to eliminate all terrorist groups that receive orders from Khamenei.

The Islamic Republic is the main responsible of all kind of terrorist activities under the name of Ali Khamenei , and IRCG Terrorist should not hide behind these groups without taking any responsibility.
And they most pay the price of any kind of their terrorist activities by them self
It is necessary to keep saying that Hamas or Others groups are handling by IRCG TERRORIST

The best way to confront them is to destroy these terrorist groups entirely, regardless of the names they operate under.
These groups (such as Hamas terrorists, Hezbollah terrorists, Ansar Allah terrorists, Houthi terrorists, etc.)
are not affiliated with the regime of the Ayatollahs.
They are mercenaries and soldiers of Ali Khamenei, and their responsibility lies entirely with the Islamic Republic.

In other words, it is better to change the name of these terrorist groups to a common name for better transparency, and refer to all of them as the "Terrorist IRCG" under the leadership and command of the dictator and murderer named Ali Khamenei.
In the third stage, it is demanded and pursued to sever all communications with severe condemnation for individuals engaging in any dealings with the criminal regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran.
One of the most important issues to address in facilitating the downfall of the inhumane regime of Khamenei is for all countries supporting human rights to collectively and uniformly put an end to any consulate or embassy operating under the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran diplomats must to deport to Iran who are currently shamelessly working.

Every day, we see gatherings of people in front of most consulates of the Islamic Republic of Iran and embassies of this Islamic government demanding an end to and regime change in Iran around the world.

It is better for these important and powerful countries to respect these demands and to find the reason for these demands in the wars in the Middle East region.If the Islamic Republic had fallen, would Hamas terrorists still have dared to attack the sacred land of Israel in October 2023?

Or would the conditions have been created by the Houthi terrorists in the Gulf of Aden if there was no Islamic Republic of Iran.
Would the situation in Syria have become so critical and tragic if IRCG terrorists had not helped the dictator of this country, Bashar al-Assad, when the people of Syria took to the streets in 2011 and revolted?
Or would the country of Iraq, with one of the best and richest oil reserves in the world, have become so impoverished and devastated?
Were the people of Lebanon spending their days and nights with scaring and worrying about having a war because of terrorist Hezboallah organisation?

Would President Zelensky of Ukraine still be taking a photo next to a drone made by the regime of the Ayatollahs in Tehran to prove that the regime of the Ayatollahs is complicit with Russia in this war crime in Ukraine?
Would the conditions in the countries of the world still be heading towards insecurity?
Would the people of Venezuela have an easier life without the Islamic Republic of Iran?
Would the people of Iran be killed so severely?
Girls who have done nothing wrong, whose only crime was that their hair was visible, have been raped and murdered,or participated in protests and were killed by military bullets.
Some of their pictures are will be reposted for you in below of the same article
men who went to the streets to protect these girls and shouted a historic and complete and very beautiful slogan that this slogan is full of meaning and understanding and comprehensive understanding of the society of Iran from gender equality. The slogan is "

Iranian men love their mothers deeply and love their wife ,and their sisters.
Like any other’s human all in the world.

Iranian men in Iranian society demand only freedom and equality, and the Mahsa Amin revolution has not yet ended, but is on a great path and it must be believed that an Iranian without the Ayatollahs and without a religious government, and a secular Iranian can make the best for the world. An Iranian who is free with people who are peace-loving and have a very high civilization is beneficial for all countries. However, we must help these people to rebuild their country, to provide a modern country because the government of the Ayatollahs and the Islamic Republic have turned the whole country of Iran into a military and devastated country.
Persopolis Iran
The Islamic Republic has brought the greatest benefits to cultural and historical environments, such as Persepolis and the tomb of the king of Persia, Cyrus the Great, and other places that have very high historical values, to the brink of destruction. All the infrastructure of the country of Iran returns to the era of the Pahlavi dynasty, which 45 years ago the late Shah of Iran And the black revolution of 1979… which is so painful in the history, because Shah of Iran was excellent, And still the Iranians youth are asking from their parents, Why they did that crazy movement and revolution of 1979 ? And there is no answer from the parents! Any how Historical structures are in direst need of reconstruction and repair. The streets of Iran need to be rebuilt, and the conditions of the capital of Iran, Tehran, are not normal at all, and at any moment, a very large earthquake can occur in this city because the capital of Iran is on very dangerous faults. And the buildings built in Iran are not standard at all, and even though they are newly built, they are not connected to the fire system, and no sprinkler system or sensitivity to smoke is seen in newly built buildings in Iran.
Easily through videos available on the internet depicting Tehran's buildings, one can feel that the city's structures are by no means secure, completely unreliable, and the most dangerous type of construction, using the cheapest and non-standard materials.The state of the environment and air quality in Iranian cities is in the worst possible condition due to the incompetence of the Ayatollahs, and on some days, Iranian citizens openly declare that the black smoke has engulfed Iran's skies, and the only thing the Iranian regime under Khamenei's leadership is doing
(imposing school closures)
and closing banks!
Even the Islamic Republic of Iran does not attempt to address this problem. Lakes like Karun in Khuzestan, Zayanderud in Isfahan, Lake Urmia, and many of Iran's wetlands have dried up, and strangely enough, the Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to build dams!
This is personally incomprehensible to me, and I doubt experts have any answers for such crimes by the Islamic Republic.
There is no logical reason why, when underground water is drying up and Iran's rivers are on the brink of death, non-standard water dams should be repeatedly and extensively built.The people of Khuzestan province, which is the wealthiest province in Iran and where Iran's oil is located, with very good and kind people, used to be known as the bride of the Middle East in the time of the late Shah of Iran in cities like Abadan and Ahvaz.
They suffer greatly from financial poverty, dust storms, and air pollution. Additionally, the people of Khuzestan province, after the brutal invasion by Terrorist Saddam Hussein, and Terrorist Khomeini Supreme leader of Islamic Republic on those days.

And in fact Khomeini was the reason of in which an unjust war lasted for 8 years war the foolishness of both dictators,
both criminals Saddam Hussein,one of whose human crimes was the bombardment of chemical bombs on Iranian normal peoples and families in many times of 8 years war, and also the crimes of Khomeini,
who declared war to consolidate his dictatorship,
Resolution 578, which was proposed to Khomeini in the first year of the war, and he did not accept it for 8 years.
When 1 million of the best Iranian youth were killed or injured, and many families suffered, and the country was in grief and mourning, Khomeini approved the resolution, which led to the end of the war. Khomeini was a ruthless and savage terrorist. Khomeini was a criminal who knew well that despite the war and the killing of Iranian youth, and the prolongation of the war, he could strengthen his inhumane and savage regime.
That's why when the terrorist Saddam Hussein attacked Iran, a year after the war, demanded the end of the war, but the criminal Khomeini did not allow it and continued the war for 8 years, and when there were no more healthy young people left in Iran, many doctors had emigrated, many scientific and environmental specialists had left Iran,
and the Iranian government had become strong with its roots, ended the war, but from that time until today, there have been widespread protests in Iran, the first of which was in 1989, which I wrote about earlier, the highest number of executions of opponents of the Islamic Republic in 1989 was by Abraham Raisi,
And by Khamenei, Current supreme leader of Islamic Terrorist organisations.

The last question is, isn't it really time for all countries supporting human rights and peace to take action to end this barbaric and insane regime and support the people of Iran?Wouldn't it be better to establish a government in exile for Iran, and 8 million Iranians outside of Iran would support this government in exile, which the best current option for Iranians is Prince Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran.
Of course, this also needs to be put to a referendum among these 8 million people living outside of Iran, so that they can help and create complete coordination for the complete destruction of the Islamic Republic and IRCG terrorists.The solutions are simple, but perhaps the choice of whether or not there should be an Islamic Republic is still difficult for some foreign statesmen to make,
but they must believe that if the government of the Ayatollahs comes to power definitively, they will not even spare other Ayatollahs and their own children, and no trust should be placed in any of these Islamic extremists like Khamenei and others.
Crime after crime, following Sara Tabrizi, today Mahnaz Khazaei also was murdered in political prison.
It is not enough?

The terrorist Khamenei should be stopped as soon as possible in this path he has taken, and it must be believed that he and the system he has built and the system that is working for him are very dangerous for all humanity and the world.Therefore, I hope this article can contribute a little to better understanding the situation in Iran and the Iranian people, as well as their desires, which are only a normal life like the rest of the world and participating with all countries and working with all nations, and they strongly desire peace.

Thank you very much for the time you spent reading this article. All of this article is written by Saman Hajibabaei based on news research and conversations with the people of Iran, and you are completely free to copy this article and tell others or write it on your social media pages.
Nika and Sarina Killed during protests. 2022
Armita , Killed in Metro Station because of Force Hijab
Hadis , Killed during protests 2022
Mahnaz Khazaei Killed by 30,March,2024
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