The 38th Goya Awards crowned ‘La sociedad de la nieve’ as best film

Sigourney Weaver, International Goya

Sigourney Weaver, International Goya
(Source: Rosana Rivera)
USPA NEWS - The 38th Goya Awards crowned ‘La sociedad de la nieve’ as best film; Juan Antonio Bayona as best director, and David Verdaguer and Malena Alterio as best actor and best actress respectively. The Spanish Film Academy also awarded the International Goya to the American actress Sigourney Weaver. The award for the Best Latin-American Film was for ‘La memoria infinita’ from Chile.
The gala was presented by the actress and singer Ana Belen. This year, the Spanish Film Academy chose Valladolid, capital of the region of Castilla y León, for the big night of the Spanish cinema. From the afternoon, hundred of citizens meet around the Fair of Valladolid to see the Spanish movie stars. The red carpet discovered strange dresses, provocative looks and only a bit of elegance in the guests at the party. It was feared that the farmers, who have been protesting their working conditions for a week, would sabotage the gala, but a large police deployment kept them away from the Fair of Valladolid. Only a few whistles and shouts among the public gathered along the red carpet brought the farmers’ protest to the big night of the Spanish cinema.
Inside the Fair, the night of the Spanish cinema took place without incident. The American actress Sigourney Weaver, three-time Oscar nominated and winner of the BAFTA and the Golden Globe, was awarded with the third International Goya in the history “for her impressive career full of unforgettable and inspiring films, creating complex and strong female characters.” According to the Spanish Film Academy, Weaver’s eclectic work “is a reflection of her versatility, charisma and undeniable talent as an actress.”
Mixing the Spanish language with English, Sigourny Weaver said she felt a “deep honor to be here tonight with all of you and receive this award. I am filled with gratitude to receive recognition from a country that has produced so many masterpieces.” Regarding her career, the American actress assured that “I have had a wonderful time and I have met some monsters. Always looking for stories about and for women that remind us how powerful we are.” She pointed out that “when I think of Spanish cinema, I always think of excellence.” Remembering great directors like Luis Buñuel, Weaver said that “being honored by you means a lot to me.”
The presenters of the gala
Source: Rosana Rivera
List of winners in the 38th edition of the Goya Awards: Best Film: ‘La sociedad de la nieve’, by Belén Atienza, Juan Antonio Bayona and Sandra Hermida Muñiz. Best Director: Juan Antonio Bayona, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’. Best New Director: Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren, for ‘20.000 especies de abejas’. Best Original Script: Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren, for ‘20.000 especies de abejas’. Best Adapted Script: Pablo Berger, for ‘Robot Dreams’. Best Original Soudtrack: Michael Giacchino, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’. Best Original Song: ‘Yo solo quiero amor’, by Rigoberta Bandini for ‘Te estoy amando locamente’. Best Actor: David Verdaguer, for ‘Saben aquell’. Best Actress: Malena Alterio, for ‘Que nadie duerma’.
Best Secondary Actor: José Coronado, for ‘Cerrar los ojos’.

Best Secondary Actress: Ane Garabain, for ‘20.000 especies de abejas’.

Best New Actor: Matías Recalt, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best New Actress: Janet Novás, for ‘O como’.

Best Production: Margarita Huguet, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best Photography: Pedro Luque, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best Montage: Andrés Gil and Jaume Martí, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best Art Director: Alain Bainée, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best Costume: Julio Suárez, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best Makeup: Ana López-Puigcerver, Belén López-Puigcerver and Montse Ribé, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.
Best Sound: Jorge Adrados, Oriol Tarragó and Marc Orts, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best FX: Pau Costa, Félix Bergés and Laura Pedro, for ‘La sociedad de la nieve’.

Best Animated Film: ‘Robot Dreams’, by Ángel Durández, Ibon Cormenzana, Ignasi Estapé, Pablo Berger and Sandra Tapia.

Best Documentary Film: ‘Mientras seas tú, el aquí y ahora de Carme Elías’, by Claudia Pinto Emperador, Iván Martínez-Rufat, Joana M. Ortueta, Jordi Llorca, Óscar Bernàcer and Pilar Llorca.

Best Latin-America Film: ‘La memoria infinita’ (Chile).

Best European Film: ‘Anatomía de una caída’ (Francia).

Best Fiction Short Film: ‘Aunque es de noche’, by Guillermo García López (Director), Damien Megherbi, David Casas Riesco, Justin Pechberty, Marina García López and Pablo de la Chica (Producers).

Best Documentary Short Film: ‘Ava’, by Mabel Lozano.

Best Animated Short Film: ‘To bird or not to bird’, by Martín Romero (Director) and Chelo Loureiro and Iván Miñambres (Producers).

International Goya: Sigourney Weaver.

Goya of Honor: Juan Mariné.
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