Janasena Demands Justice For DSC Candidates

Nagababu Talks To DSC Candidates

Nagababu talking to DSC candidates (Source: JSP/DPJB)
USPA NEWS - Nagababu had a conversation with DSC candidates from across the state at the Janasena party's central office in Mangalagiri on Monday. During this interaction, the candidates detailed the practices they have experienced over the past five years under the YCP government. A petition detailing their concerns was submitted on this occasion.
Nagababu, State General Secretary of Janasena Party, strongly criticized the YCP government for what he perceives as deceitful tactics regarding the Mega DSC initiative. He finds it unacceptable that with 25,000 to 30,000 teaching positions unfilled in the state, only 6100 are slated for filling.

Nagababu expressed frustration, labeling this move as yet another attempt to hoodwink the unemployed, especially timed with elections looming. He challenged the sincerity of the Jagan government's concern for job seekers, insisting that all 30,000 vacant teaching posts should be filled if genuine care exists.
During this event, Nagababu remarked, “Chief Minister Jagan Reddy, during his Padayatra, pledged to introduce Mega DSC with 23 thousand posts. Millions of unemployed individuals voted for YCP with the expectation that their lives would see positive changes. However, four and a half years into the YCP government's tenure, it has failed to fulfill its commitments. The frustration among the unemployed is escalating day by day. They are burdened not only by concerns about relying on their parents but also by the fear of increasing age limits. It's disheartening to hear that some are resorting to daily wage labor to make ends meet. Unemployed individuals are compelled to take up such work to avoid becoming financial burdens on their families.
There are approximately 10 lakh TET qualified individuals in the state, all prepared to take the DSC exam. If 30,000 of them secure jobs, nearly 30,000 families would experience an improvement in their circumstances. However, the government recently announced only 6,100 posts, with a mere 1725 for SGT positions. In Kurnool district alone, 1,646 posts have been announced. Nagababu questioned the situation for candidates in other districts. He confidently asserted that the Janasena-Telugu Desam government would undoubtedly come to power in the next general elections and ensure justice for DSC candidates.
DSC candidates from across the state presented their concerns to Nagababu. Referring to the Supreme Court's ruling, it was emphasized that GO No. 117 needs to be invalidated in the state, and a Mega DSC notification should be issued, taking into account the existing vacant positions. Additionally, they urged for the immediate revocation of the government's apprenticeship policy. Nagababu emphasized the need to exert pressure on the government to ensure that the number of posts is not reduced, advocating for a minimum of a thousand SGT positions in every district.
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