USPA NEWS - Cowboy boots says a lot about the person wearing them, and for this reason, their popularity has long moved far beyond the cattle ranch and onto the feet and into the collections of fans worldwide.All the best boots come from out West. Not true!!!!!!!
It now comes from Connecticut.
Source: Friedson Bros.
The problem with most off-the-rack boots is not so much fit as quality. They tend to be machine made and mass produced, and with the exception of some higher end specialty models, lack distinction and collectability. The best thing about them is that they are widely and quickly available. The handful of coveted bootmakers to the stars tend to not take new customers or if they do, have waiting lists that can run into the years, not months, and their boots cost a fortune. So what´s the solution? Friedson Bros.Fine Boots of Westport CT, a truly one of a kind operation. I had heard great things about them for years. I never wear cowboy boots, but now I can't take them off. I´m wearing them now at my desk as I write this.
Friedson Bros founder Ron Friedson comes from Westport,CT of all places, and worked for years selling his saddles and boots on the Rodeo Circuit. Ron creates all the designs, sources all his own leathers, mainly from the good old USA. His boots are made as a pure custom, all handmade, the same number of man hours, the hand stitching, the inlays, the tooling, but can do more at a time, buy more skins at a time, so Friedson Bros. can do it for less. Ron's boots run from an entry level price point of $300 up to about $6500 for his most expensive limited edition collectibles.
If you have never worn cowboy boots, the most shocking thing you will discover is how comfortable they are, more so than many “regular“ dress shoes. Also, they make you look taller, slimmer and you will receive endless compliments, something you won´t get from your everyday shoes. Give Ron a call, he will help you find what you need. I give his boots 5 out of 5 stars!!!!!!!

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