St. Moritz City Race 2015 (Source: Ina von Ber & Foto Swiss)
#1 Swiss Rock& Roll Band Gotthard
(Source: Foto Swiss)

The famous and now traditional St. Moritz City Race officially opened the Winter Season 2015-2016 in the sunny Engadin Mountains December 4th. Termed “The Race for Everyone“, this year the " Audi Skirun Cup" was introduced on Corviglia Mountain.

Markus Hauser, City Race & Ina von Ber, CEO Amb.RT
Source: Ina von Ber
Participants were welcomed to inaugurate the slopes by testing new ski and snowboard equipment and experience "Free Fall", the steepest downhill World Championship departure point in the world. After a festive red ribbon cutting ceremony on top of Corvatsch Mountain Friday night, snow bunnies hit the perfectly groomed slopes, the longest floodlit in Switzerland, enjoying night skiing to the sound of DJ "Tanja La Croix". Guests huddled and cuddled around cozy little gluehwein and wurst stands in the heart of the village, listening to tunes by "Pat n 'Ben', a celebrated local band, dancing until early dawn.

As night slowly descended onto the idyllic yet vibrant Alpine village of St. Moritz, around 40 teams gathered in the School Square ready to compete in the challenging chosen categories of "Fun & Family", "Ski Schools & Ski Clubs" and "Companies & Businesses“. Skiing straight through the middle of town, slaloming between Julius Baer bank, Hermes, Bally, Brioni, clothing store and the Coop market, this year´s race was won by “ Muha mit da Kuha“, “Engadin Bus“ and the “Red Legends.“

The open air stage was inducted by the "Drums2Streets" band, delivering a thrilling light show, accompanied by vocals and exotic drum sounds. Highlight of the evening however was an unforgettable concert by Switzerland´s most famous Gotthard rock band which got everyone singing in the streets, rocking and rolling until sunrise. Ski superstars and VIPs Wendy Holdener, Schwinger King Nöldi Forrer, Ariane Ehrat, CEO of Engadin St. Moritz, Gaudenz Flury Reto Branschi, CEO of Destination Davos Klosters mingled under tight security measurements, comparable only to Davos´ Economic Forum, as Switzerland´s top security experts were hired to ensure a seamless experience for everyone.

Racing into St. Moritz Village
Source: Foto Swiss
St. Moritz Welcoming the Racers
Source: Ina von Ber
Drums2Drums Awesome Performance
Source: Ina von Ber
This unique event, which was the brain child of renowned St. Moritz hotelier Markus Hauser and his friend, Suvretta Snowsport director Patrik Wiederkehr, made its relatively low budget debut 8 years ago in front of a small but very enthusiastic hometown crowd. After mastering many organizational challenges, getting buy-in from local merchants and businesses, finding the right sponsors and taking care of the never ending logistics, it is not surprising that this weekend´s event was so successful attracting spectators from around the world.

What a stop!
Source: Foto Swiss
St. Moritz is Ready to Party!
Source: Ina von Ber
Gotthard is Rocking St. Moritz
Source: Foto Swiss

The exponential growth and visitor attendance, not only helped increase revenue in the region, but is a also serves as a testimony to the quality of participants and skilled organizers who worked tirelessly since the beginning of year insuring a magnificent event. Accompanying the City Race were such decadent affairs as the Grand Kempinski des Bains Hotel´s fabulous Diamond Gala studded with culinary delights, the Palace Hotel´s tree lightning ceremony and various musical and cultural delights.

Strolling through the clean, quiet streets of St. Moritz early Sunday morning, one could have never guessed that an event of such magnitude took place only 6 hours ago. Gone were the 25 trucks of man made snow which were dumped into the center of the village, (which later would be recycled and become part of the St. Moritz famous toboggan) and the 17 tons of stage material had to be imported along with 22 additional trucks carrying necessities for the musicians were nowhere to be seen.

See you in 2016 St. Moritz! You sure have proven to be “ The Top Of The World“ in more than one way, not a doubt!

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