Ambassadorial Roundtable @ Embassy Series in DC (Source: Ina von Ber)
Fado at the Portuguese Embassy with Pedro Botas
(Source: Ina von Ber)
USPA NEWS - Portuguese Ambassador Nuno Brito hosted "A Night of Fado" starring Pedro Botas as part of Embassy Series at his beautifully decorated residence . Two days later, Macedonian Ambassador Vasko Naumovski, enchanted culturally savvy guests with artist's recital of poetry, paintings and music.

Artist Divna Pesci, Embassy of Macedonia
Source: Ina von Ber

Embassies in the Nation´s Capital participate actively in cultural diplomacy exchange programs as they open their doors and promote ethnic music, artists, poets and writers. The backdrop of these international venues serve as host to monthly concerts, gallery openings, poetry readings. The celebration of culture is attended by connoisseurs and novice art lovers alike. The audience “gets a feel“ for the nation being showcased which is key to promoting and celebrating diversity, and usually guests are being treated to the national dishes of the host country.

Jerome Barry, director /founder and wife Lisette Barry, director of sales, of the very successful “Embassy Series“ have hosted over 600 concerts in 73 different since 1994, when the Embassy Series first made its debut. Remarkably, they have worked with over 200 ambassadors, more than 800 international artists from 80 countries and over 300 artists from the D.C. area.The mission of their Series “to foster a greater sense of common humanity through the international language of music by showcasing the very best of each culture in each nation´s symbolic home in Washington“ has been very much welcomed and has become a staple in the Capital´s music circles.

Fado was on the ticket for last week; an outstanding performance by Portuguese singer Pedro M. Botas, delivered at the Embassy of Portugal and hosted by H.E. Ambassador Nuno Brito and Jerome Barry. Fado, the Portuguese pronunciation being [ˈfaðu]means "destiny, fate“. It is considered a music genre which was orally transmitted and goes back to the Portugal of the1820s and 1830s at best. It is commonly regarded as a form of song which can be about anything, but must follow a certain traditional structure and is characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. It is infused with a sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia. "

Botas, accompanied by guitarists Mauel Leite and Viriato Ferreira, performed with only one interruption traditional Fado songs, offering a medley from his newly recorded first album “Saudades Trago Comigo“ which loosely translates to “ I Bring With Me What I Miss“. The Embassy´s Chef de Cuisine prepared tasty traditional Portuguese seafood dishes and deserts served while guests mingled with diplomats and performers. A lovely, enjoyable evening and a very talented Fado singer with a start studded future !

Arts and cultural celebrations were also on the calendar of H.E. Vasko Naumovski, Ambassador of Macedonia in Washington. The Embassy´s walls were decorated beautifully with paintings by Macedonian artist Divna Pesic, poetry was being read in one corner of the Embassy to the beat of Macedonian music which echoed out of the entry hall. Pesci, a very talented and internationally celebrated painter, whose painting “Protecting my Pride“ is owned by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was on site to great guests and discuss her award winning art work. Later, Ambassador Naumovski and his team showcased Macedonian business opportunities and cultural highlights to a room filled with delighted guests.

I left very thankful to Ambassador Nuno Brito,Ambassador Vasko Naumovski and Jerome Barry's Embassy Series for sharing their rich cultures with us and looking forward to experiencing more cultural diplomacy throughout the United States.

Ambassador of Portugal Nuno Brito welcoming guests
Source: Ina von Ber
Fado Trio V.Ferreira, M.Leite, P.Botas, with J Barry
Source: Morris Simon
Musicians at Macedonian Embassy
Source: Ina von Ber
Jerome Barry, CEO Embassy Series, Singer Pedro Botas
Source: Ina von Ber
Amb.Vasko Naumovski of Macedonia, Ina von Ber, CEO
Source: Macedonian Embassy
Paintings of Artist Divna Pesic Macedonian Embassy
Source: Ina von Ber

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