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This fight is a shared responsibility

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(Source: Ak)
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International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) extends its heartfelt congratulations to Nigerians on this momentous occasion of Democracy Day, celebrated today, June 12.

Recognizing that insufficient cooperation is part and parcel of the failure to systematically encroach on democratic freedoms, IHRC emphasizes the significance of shared responsibility in sustaining a nation's democracy.

In a resolute message conveyed by the Ambassador-at-Large/Head of Diplomatic Mission of the International Human Rights Commission to Nigeria H.E. Ambassador Dr. Duru Hezekiah, said Nigerians should embrace the 2024 democracy day with solidarity to building open, responsive, and accountable institutions and processes. By doing so, they can have the opportunity to participate and have a voice in how they will be governed.
This fight is a shared responsibility.
Actors of democracy agree that it requires inter-agency cooperation among state governments as well as transnational cooperation. It also depends on effective joint work among a wide range of stakeholders, including the private sector”.
Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist London
Source: Ak
Dr. Duru noted that countries with democratic freedoms are more prosperous, peaceful, and stable, and their citizens can enjoy their fundamental rights, therefore urging Nigerians' cooperation with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's Administration to achieve the ‘Renewed Hope Agenda'. “I see a new Nigeria where all will be provided for, where we live as one without killing each other; a new Nigeria where the rule of law is upheld over political favoritism, and where human rights and life are strongly protected", he maintained. “Remember, the attack against you only indicates the potential that is within you. Good days are ahead of us as a nation with great potential, and together we can achieve it", happy Democracy Day! Said : Fidelis Onakpoma Head Media and Strategic Communications IHRC Nigeria

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