Iranians and advocates for freedom face severe censorship.

The inhumane regime of Khamenei and Iran

Stop censoring Iranians
No to Islamic republic of Iran
USPA NEWS - Significant threats to political activists outside of Iran.
The Iranian regime engages in systematic and extensive censorship in the international arena and on social networks.
Many social media activists struggle with these challenges. In the online space and information networks,a significant number of individuals affiliated with the Iranian regime and the clerical government actively suppress journalists, human rights activists,or anyone revealing the truth about injustices in Iran. Unjust and political executions, government-sponsored killings, executions based on vague Islamic rulings, violation of the privacy of families, and arbitrary detentions for government suppression within Iran are bizarrely reported on social networks. Suddenly, the social networks of these individuals are closed, indicating a cyber attack by the clerical government of the Ayatollahs, particularly Ali Khamenei, a very clear dictator. The Iranian regime opposes any form of dissenting information."

"It is very clear that international networks such as CNN, VOA, BBC, FOX, and many news networks in Iran are not allowed to report, and the presence of these networks is unacceptable to the Khamenei regime.
Why the media is not allowed in Iran?
The Iranian regime knows that if people worldwide become aware of its atrocities, they will not tolerate the continuation of this ruling regime in Iran.
A government is intensely fearful in the field of news reporting to the extent that it suppresses even Iranian journalists and activists abroad who are informed about the situation inside Iran. Many of these journalists, whose activities have been solely in the realm of peace and global order, have not tolerated the brutal oppression and arbitrary imprisonment by the Khamenei regime. They have done their best to cover news within Iran and establish communication with the people inside the country, who face strong internet filtering by the government. Despite these challenges, they have managed to convey news about Iran through social networks. However, they are now being suppressed, and their accounts are being closed. Why? "

"How should the voice of the people inside Iran be when there are no free journalists in the country? When all the user accounts of individuals advocating for human rights or trying to help the people inside Iran and provide global information are being closed?
We are in the 21st century, the year 2024, a time when robots are involved in international affairs, cars have become electric, and technology has progressed significantly. However, the ruthless and terrorist regime of Ali Khamenei refuses to acknowledge this reality and strives to imprison 85 million Iranians within their own country!

The power of Iranian passports has severely weakened, restricting the ability of people to travel to free countries. The value of Iran's currency has plummeted, preventing Iranians from traveling. The conditions in Iran have inexplicably become very restricted, making it challenging to easily convey any news from Iran to the global public and international organizations.
Sepehr Shirani
The Iranian regime suppresses, tortures, and executes Iranian youth Sepehr Shirani. without evidence or justification, yet there is no available information. In the horrifying dictatorship conditions, the regime manufactures evidence against these innocent youths. For instance, the recent killing of an 18-year-old student by the Iranian police in Zahedan remains shrouded in secrecy – This is a terrifying tragedy for humanity. The Iranian people are well aware that the 18-year-old (Sepehr Shirani) Bloger… who was tortured to death in the Zahedan police station in Iran last week was neither a criminal nor engaged in any wrongdoing. He was merely active on his social network, declaring that the Iranian regime is a form of dictatorship. For this reason, he was detained overnight, brutally tortured, and ultimately killed. The government has started spreading false information and fabricating evidence that no one believes because everyone inside Iran knows that Khamenei and his regime are incredibly deceitful, ruthless, and insane.
85 million people inside Iran and 8 million Iranians residing in European and American countries are calling for freedom. However, it seems that all avenues for liberating these people are closed.

Indeed, Iran is a very rich country. If Iran were free, the tourism conditions in the Middle East would significantly improve, and people worldwide could visit Iran. Iran is a historic and authentic country with a rich culture and civilization. If the people of Iran were free, it could contribute to the elimination of war conditions globally.

Yet, despite understanding all these realities, no country is willing to help the people of Iran achieve freedom. We must proclaim and write extensively that the people of Iran seek peaceful relations with the entire world. They express affection for Israelis, recall the positive interactions with Americans during the Shah's time before Khomeini's rise – when Americans used to travel to Iran and had good relations with Iranians.
They strongly condemn terrorism by Hamas in Israel and express deep distress about the attacks on Israel by Hamas terrorists.
For instance, on October 7, 2023, the first individuals who expressed support for the people of Israel against Hamas terrorists were Iranians residing in Iran. They chanted slogans against Hamas terrorists at a 100,000-person football stadium and demanded an end to terrorist activities. They also voiced full support for Israel on their social media pages. Unfortunately, the Iranian regime's cyber police is actively suppressing such expressions online, attacking the people's pages, and preventing the registration of these historical events and truths inside Iran.

Despite all these challenges, what can be done? When and how can it be proven that the people of Iran only desire friendship with the world, and these good people are imprisoned by the ruthless dictatorship of the Ayatollahs? The regime vehemently opposes any international awareness about these issues and the desires of the people inside Iran. With all these existing problems, what is the solution?
More thought needs to be given to finding a solution. The best option could be establishing an exile government outside of Iran that can represent the voice of the people inside Iran. This government in exile should be officially recognized, and the Revolutionary Guard terrorists should be listed as terrorists globally.

?Embassies, ambassadors, and consulates of the brutal regime of the Ayatollahs should be expelled from all countries supporting human rights. All financial transactions with Iran must be cut, and assistance should be provided to the people of Iran. Otherwise, the ruthless regime under the leadership of Khamenei can become a global threat, and they should not be overlooked because they are not interested in peace at all. They only seek to empower Ayatollahs and Islamic terrorists. This poses a severe danger, as seen in the tunnels constructed by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, revealing their strong inclination for war.
They had filled the underground with military weapons! This is genuinely hazardous. Hopefully, peace will be established worldwide as soon as possible, and no child will cry due to the fear of war, poverty, and hunger. I hope people join hands for a compassionate and loving world, each improving their own country and striving to create a safe world.

?Why do dictatorial regimes like the Iranian government and insane and ruthless individuals like Ali Khamenei still hold power? Why do they still think life is eternal? Why don't they act to build a secure environment and work to improve environmental conditions? Why aren't they concerned about the Earth and the crisis of water and climate? Why are they still thinking about fighting?

?Why is Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in a war, and we all know that the Iranian regime and Khamenei are colluding with Putin in this war, and no one says anything? Why aren't we supporting the people of Ukraine properly? Why aren't the people of Iran, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, African countries, and many others in peace? Thousands of other and many whys……
We really need Peace…
I wish the Earth would one day be kind to all its inhabitants. This kindness needs support, the participation of all people, friendship, and love, and the eradication of individuals like Khamenei. I want to close the article with greatest young people photos who Killed by Islamic republic photos since 15 months ago
Amir killed by gun shout from terrorist IRCG in protest
Negin …
Parsa wurde während des Mahsa Amini-Protests getötet.
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