General (R) Abdul Qayyum Addresses The International Community in London

UN International Day for Peace by UPF

Rt. Lt. Genral Abdul Qayyum
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USPA NEWS - The former General of Pakistan Army and former Senator of Pakistan National Assembly General Abdul Qayyum, is visiting the UK to promote UK Pakistan relations. General Abdul Qayyum on his visit to UK, is interacting with British parliamentarians, international diplomats, CEOs of industry and commerce, community, business and religious leaders with a view to promoting Pakistan.
The former Pakistani general and parliamentarian, who was the chairman of the powerful Pakistan parliamentary select committee, on Thursday 21 September 2023 addressed the community delegates at the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) headquarters in London. The UPF is a world-famous peace NGO, which is affiliated to the United Nations, with representativeness all over the world. The Secretary General of UPF Robin Marsh extended a special invitation to General Abdul Qayyum to address the international community gathering, at the UPF UK headquarters in London.

Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare campaigner, gave a befitting and deserving glowing introduction for Pakistan’s outstanding military and political personality. General Abdul Qayyum began his address to the distinguished guests by expressing his sincere gratitude to the Secretary General Robin Marsh, for the kind invitation to address the illustrious gathering of the international members of the community.

He also expressed his thanks to The UPF, for bestowing an award on him in recognition of his work for peace and appointing him as the international ambassador of peace of UPF. General Qayyum stated in his address to the audience, “Throughout history conflicts have achieved nothing, but destruction and mayhem. The loss of lives and cost of destruction has been beyond comprehension. Therefore, it is fundamental and crucial for countries, institutions, organisations and individuals to fulfil their obligation by continuing their relentless efforts to pursue peace and dialogue, to resolve confrontations and disputes. Whether these confrontations and disputes are locally, nationally or internationally, we must collectively,
as the guardians of this our beloved precious planet, protect the Earth and its inhabitants. The welfare of planet Earth and humanity must and should supersede all else. This is why peace, harmony and cohesion is fundamental for the welfare of this Earth and existence of humanity and all forms of life that exist on this planet”.

General Abdul Qayyum went on to say, “Global and imperialistic attitudes spread by new colonialism concept have made independence of nations an illusion. Resultantly, we are drifting from multilateralism to unilateralism and power block confrontational politics as part of a new cold war,”
Whilst addressing the multinational conference the general continued and said, “Universal peace without universal justice will be a far cry.” He further added, “Every nation has the right to defend its vital national interest, including protection of their respective territorial integrity and political sovereignty. However, if this is done by compromising other countries political independence and sovereignty, it will be a short-sighted speech, which will result into conflicts and adversely affect global peace. A far-sighted policy would be to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, contacts, communication, conciliation and peaceful co-exitance.”
Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist London
Source: Ak
Whilst talking about political conflict zones, which could affect global peace, the senator general referred to the Ukraine war, South China confrontation, the Palestinian issue, Kashmir dispute, climate change, world economic recession, energy crisis, inflation, Afghanistan and refugee issues. The senator general finally stated in conclusion, “Once again, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Robin Marsh the Secretary General of UPF, for arranging and facilitating such an excellent seminar of members of the international community, at the historic city of London, on a very important and vital issue of global peace.”

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