In these dark days, everything is to the detriment of the people of Iran.

All kind of helping to Mullahs of Iran

Help to a government that its people do not want.
USPA NEWS - "First, $6 billion of Iran's national funds and assets, which were previously blocked, were handed over before the trip of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to the United States for a speech at the United Nations. Then, many valuable and historical tablets, dating back thousands of years, which even the current Iranian regime, with its lack of historical knowledge and neglect of preserving historical sites and artifacts, handed over!

Mr. President of the United States, Joe Biden, these two actions that you have handed over to the murderous, child-killing, religiously fanatical, and authoritarian regime of Iran are causing great despair and distress for the Iranian citizens who have been fighting against this brutal and murderous regime for a year now. This regime currently holds many of them in political prisons, and according to human rights organizations, about 600 individuals were directly killed in the past year solely for peaceful protests in Iran, with about 30 of them being children.

What's even more puzzling is why you, as the President of the United States, are not standing by the side of the Iranian people?
"All the people of the world are aware that the authoritarian and dictatorial regime of Iran has been fiercely clashing with its dissatisfied citizens and protesters for the past year. These brave individuals have taken to the streets for their fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression, and have decided to have a country where they can have freedom of speech, establish friendly relations with all countries, including stopping the Khamenei regime's support for Russia's war against Ukraine. Iranian protesters demand the cessation of any financial support for all terrorist groups, such as Hezbollah, Ansar Allah, and ending support for the Hamas terrorist group in Palestine. They have desires like having valid passports, security, having all the famous global brands in Iran, having trouble-free relations with the holy land of Israel, and having free internet in Iran. These demands are only possible if the religious authoritarian regime of Iran and the terrorist group IRGC are dismantled, leading to a complete revolution in Iran. The people, students, and even school children are fiercely engaged in this struggle these days, and many heroes and children have been imprisoned and killed in this path.
Historical inscriptions
Historical inscriptions
"Since we know that Iran is a country with a very valuable and reputable civilization, culture, and history, it is unfortunate that in these dark days, an incompetent and unworthy dictatorship has taken root in Iran. I believe it would be interesting for the entire world to know what this dictatorial regime in Iran needs to do to face a more serious challenge from powerful Western countries like the United States and Europe and to support the freedom-seeking people of this country!

Everyone should believe that the people of Iran no longer want this deceitful regime of deception. Aside from hostage-taking of European and American citizens and extortion for the release of these innocent European and American citizens who were only traveling to Iran but have been taken hostage, what worse actions must the Iranian regime take to make the danger of this regime clear to all countries and individuals like President of the United States, Mr. Biden?
I even dont know what to answer !
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