Pakistan People’s Party is Back on Track for High Office in Pakistan

Is ZARDARI favourite for next Election ?

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Shehzada Hayyat
(Source: Ak )
USPA NEWS - Pakistan People’s Party is Back on Track for High Office in Pakistan

Since losing the general election in 2018 the Pakistan’s Peoples Party (PPP), were suffering from the after effects of the shocking of the defeat. It took some time before the commander in chief and “God Father of Pakistan People’s Party and Politics,” the former Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari went into action again to re-invent, re-group and to mobilise the PPP movement back to prominence and onto the road to paramount heights of Pakistan politics, said Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare campaigner.

Once the PPP were in the race for contention again for the grand prize of winning the next general election, the reigns of the PPP movement were handed over to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. This was in order to take the party to glory just as his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and mother Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto did before him. The chairman of PPP has amazed not just Pakistan but the world, for becoming the youngest foreign minister, especially in the history of Pakistan, if not Asia.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has managed to unite the PPP movement, the movement which was created by his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto the former prime minister of Pakistan.

Shazada Hayat said, The legacy of the founding father of PPP movement is now continuing to gather momentum under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. It is most certainly a tall order to follow in the footsteps of the founding father of PPP movement his grandfather. It is also a tall order to follow in the footsteps of his beloved mother Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, also known as “The Daughter of the East”, who was the first female Muslim prime minister in the world. Sadly, Bilawal Bhutto’s mother was snatched from him by the terrorists when he was at a young age. The PPP ship many thought would sink and the end of the movement as we know it. This is when the huge burden was thrusted onto the shoulders of Asif Ali Zardari to save the PPP ship from sinking. As well as being a father and a mother to his three children who were robbed of their unique beloved mother, Asif Ali Zardari not only saved the PPP ship but took the movement to victory.
The PPP formed a government, which not only served full term but Asif Ali Zardari against all odds emerged as the president of Pakistan.

The help and support received by Asif Ali Zardari for the victory and glory of the PPP movement, the credit also has to go to his most trusted and loyal commanders, one being the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani and the other the former Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf.
Shazada Hayat went on to say, The support also from Khursheed Shah Sherry Rehman and Faizal Karim Kundi has also been monumental for the success and glory of PPP movement. Bilawal Bhutto since becoming the chairman of the party and made the youngest foreign minister of Pakistan, has worked tirelessly visiting countries around the world to promote Pakistan and bilateral relationship. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has now emerged as one of the favourites to be the next prime minister of Pakistan, especially if the “Don of Pakistan Politics,” Asif Ali Zardari gets his way. Pakistan politics has learnt one very important lesson, which is never to underestimate the political skills and strategies of the master of Pakistan politics Asif Ali Zardari.
He was and is more than capable of changing the political scene and history in Pakistan in less than 24 hours. The PPP movement also depends heavily on their foreign supporters and well-wishers, especially the overseas Pakistan People’s Party administration members and members, just as in the Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia, United States, Europe and the UK.

However, Britan has always been politically a very strategic country as far as Pakistan politicians are concerned. The PPP team in United Kingdom has always been very important for Pakistan’s major political party. The current chairman of Pakistan PPP (UK) Mohsin Bari has worked tirelessly to mobilize the overseas Pakistani community and to gather support for the PPP movement. The support received by the PPP Chairman Mohsin Bari from his PPP (UK) team has been phenomenal. Ch. Riaz one of the most influential Pakistan People’s Party workers inside and outside Pakistan is seen as a bridge between the PPP and the overseas Pakistani community especially the PPP members. He has been very influential in recruiting members for the PPP for many years. is a confidant and trusted PPP diehard supporter and promoter.
Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist London
Source: Ak
Mian Saleem known as the President of Greater London of PPP (UK), has also been tirelessly working and supporting the PPP movement and Chairman Mohsin Bari. Mian Saleem is a staunch supporter all of his life of PPP who is a strong believer in the vision of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for Pakistan. Ashraf Chughtai is also a lifelong supporter of PPP and works closely with the PPP (UK) to promote the party’s aims and objectives. Ashraf Chughtai has vast knowledge and experience in media campaign, which he uses to his advantage for the benefit of PPP.  The Pakistan PPP UK, under the chairmanship of Mohsin Bari and the senior leaders Mian Saleem, Ashraf Chughtai and other members of the PPP movement in the UK have served the vision and direction of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and have taken the PPP popularity to paramount heights. The battle for supremacy at the next Pakistan election under the leadership of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is about to be unleashed. Whether Bilawal Bhutto Zardari achieves the glory, that achieved by that of his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his believed mother “The Daughter of the East,” Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto only history can tell. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure Bilawal Bhutto Zardari can most certainly rely on the full support and loyalty of the die-hard members such as Chairman Mohsin Bari of PPP, Mian Saleem, Ashraf Chughtai and the other die-hard and loyal supporters of PPP in United Kingdom, said : Shazada Hayat. London Uk

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