Power Must Be Taken Away from Pakistan Politicians to Select Army Chief


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USPA NEWS - Power Must Be Taken Away from Pakistan Politicians to Select Army Chief

Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare campaigner is starting to campaign and lobby to take the powers away from politicians of Pakistan not to be able to appoint the Army Chief of Staff. Shazada Hayat a well-known academic, writer and law graduate has dedicated most of life to community welfare and cohesion, promoting UK Pakistan relations. He has now embarked on drafting a legislation (A Bill of Parliament) and to get the constitution amended and abolish any existing Acts of Pakistan Parliament, to take the power away from the prime ministers/ politicians to select and appoint an Army Chief of Staff of Pakistan.
Shazada Hayat said, Throughout the history of Pakistan various prime ministers have been encouraged by their politicians to interfere with the nation’s sacred institution, the Pakistan armed force, especially the Pakistan army.
These prime ministers of Pakistan have throughout the history of Pakistan made ulterior motive fatal decisions to appoint an army chief that they believe would look after their personal and political interest, over and above the national interest of the nation. This flagrant grave mistake, ill-advice came back to haunt those prime ministers with catastrophic consequences.
The successive prime ministers of Pakistan have failed to comprehend a fundamental belief and moto of the Pakistan armed force from the soldier to the commander in chief; their sworn allegiance is to Allah (God) and their beloved motherland Pakistan, which they put before their life and family. In recent months the issue of the appointment of the army chief has become a pantomime and political circus by the politicians. Some of these corrupt and treacherous politicians do not have the knowledge or capacity to appoint a bus conductor. Nor they themselves can be employed in any civilised country to be a bus conductor.
The Pakistani nation is very hurt and so are the Pakistani overseas community, to see how these politicians are continuously harming and undermining Pakistan’s national security. These incompetent politicians have managed to grind the prosperity and progress of the great nation to a halt, the likes of never witnessed before in the history of Pakistan. This is the reason the time has come to disarm the real enemies of Pakistan, the corrupt and treacherous politicians, and their mafia dark forces.
The Pakistan Constitution has been abused and misused for far too long. This article gives the prime minister / politicians the power to select and appoint the army chief of staff. Also, the current supplementary acts of parliament must be abolished, and new legislation acts of parliament passed to take away the power from the politicians.

Shazada Hayat said, A new council must be formed called the Pakistan National Interest and Defence Council (PNIDC). As well as the amendment to the constitution the new act of Parliament shall be known as the Military Chief’s Act of Pakistan 2023 (2024). This Act of Parliament and the amended constitution will bestow supreme power to the newly formed Pakistan National Interest and Defence Council (PNIDC).
The council will consist of the following members of the committee as per the law of the land and constitution:- the Pakistan Army Chief of Staff, the DG ISI, the Chief of Pakistan Air Force, the Chief of the Pakistan Navy, the foreign minister of the government of Pakistan, the foreign secretary of Pakistan (Pakistan diplomatic service), shadow foreign minister from the main opposition party, chief justice for Pakistan, the Supreme Court and the President of Pakistan who will be the chairman of the Pakistan National Interest and Defence Council. This council will be the most powerful in Pakistan and not affiliated to any political party which is what Pakistan needs. The council shall and will select and approve the appointment in the national interest of Pakistan, the Army Chief of Staff, the Air Chief Marshal, the Chief of the Naval Staff, DG ISI, the appointment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan, the appointment of DG of Intelligence Bureau and the appointment of DG NAB.
Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist
Source: Ak
No court once convicted a politician of corruption and treason can overturn and give NRO to the appellant. The appeal must be put before the Pakistan National Interest and Defence Council to decide. The council will also monitor and watch over the prime minister of Pakistan if the prime minister loses the public confidence and control, the council shall have the power to sack the prime minister. If his or her government has lost public support and confidence, then the council shall have the power to dissolve parliament and call a general election within 90 days. The Pakistan National Interest and Defence Council will have a wide range of sweeping powers; these include legislative and administrative powers because the council is not affiliated with any political or military but will act independently to hold accountable the Army Chief, the President of Pakistan, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan or any other for their conduct, said Shazada Hayat Aurangzeb Akbar / United States Press Agency

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