Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Remembered at British Parliament


Shahzada Hayyat (Source: Ak )
Shahzada Hayyat
(Source: Ak )
USPA NEWS - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Remembered at British Parliament by International Community

A memorial tribute was held in the House of Lords British Parliament to remember Her Majesty the Queen of United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth. The memorial tribute in UK Parliament for HM the Queen was organised by British Pakistani Shazada Hayat President UICF (UK) and international community welfare campaigner. In attendance were Lords, Members of British Parliament, Diplomats, and leaders of the UK Commonwealth community.
Shazada Hayat addressed the distinguished guests present to honour the outstanding, remarkable achievement and service to Britain and the Commonwealth by Her Majesty the Queen. He said, Her Majesty the Gracious Queen made her nation so proud for what she has achieved for her beloved country and her outstanding service to Britain the Commonwealth and the rest of the world. Throughout history no monarch, king, queen or empress has achieved the phenomenal and remarkable achievement as British Queen Elizabeth II.

The longest serving monarch in history, the first and only Queen to be the Head of the Commonwealth, holding the world record for being the patron of nearly 700 charitable organisations around the world. These NGO’s provided food, clothes, shelter, and education for the poor and weak members of society, not forgetting the all-important healthcare to the destitute hundreds of millions who benefitted around the world, from Her Majesty the Queen’s saintly work. The Queen reigned over the United Kingdom as the Head of the Commonwealth with grace, dignity, patriotism, tolerance, and compassion.
Her Majesty the British Queen was also the Head of the Church of England, part of the Christian faith. With all these hallmarks the queen continually made sure before Britain there was a title of Great Britain.

Shazada Hayat went on to say, I am so proud to have had the great honour to have met Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace, which I shall treasure with pride. I am also proud Her Majesty the Queen was the first and only Queen of Pakistan, my ancestral homeland and was also my Queen as a British Pakistani. It was a sad day when Her Majesty the Queen’s life and reign came to an end on 8thSeptember 2022. It was most certainly one of the most profoundly saddest days in British history, which was also felt by the Commonwealth countries and the rest of the world.
Aurangzeb Akbar / Investigative Journalist London
Source: Ak
The world expressed their condolences and sympathy and mourn with Britain its great loss. There is no doubt that one can safely say, no one has or can ever match the achievement of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It is really the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end. Her Majesty the Gracious Queen Elizabeth II was simply the best, said Shazada Hayat. London UK

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