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USPA NEWS - For mother of two Nicci Eloise a recent near-death experience heightened all her Clair Senses and for a Psychic Medium to have all of these is indeed rare but what are the ‘Clair Senses’?
Firstly ‘Claircognition’ is really all about having intense gut feelings and using that information to guide you.
Secondly ‘Clairvoyance’ refers to psychic seeing. Every medium has different depictions of what they see and how they see it from auras to clear images of people standing next to you.
Thirdly Pull the "audi" out of ‘Clairaudience’ and it's describing psychic hearing or being able to have messages really amplified almost to the point of hearing loud voices.
The final of the four Clair senses is ‘Clairsentience’ which is a psychic feeling. "Imagine for a moment you’re reading from a book goosebumps overtake your entire body when describing a particular place as though you’ve lived there before or you shake hands with a person and their touch sparks a comfort in you like you’ve known them your whole life”, said Eloise.
Jessika Power MAFS
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“I first knew I was different at the very young age of 7. The first visitation was by my great grandmother standing in my bedroom. In the doorway, wearing a dressing gown and I immediately recognised her from the last time I saw her five years earlier when I was just 2 years of age. I knew her from the photos my mum had everywhere in the house, so yes, I immediately recognised her”, explained Eloise. Nicci grew up as a teenager riddled with anxiety and always had a lot of energy. Knowing this energy and anxiety were linked became the building blocks for her to connect to the spirit world. “Yes, I see dead people,” smiled Eloise, now no longer fearful of her Clare Senses. In her twenties, Eloise continued to be visited by spirits and went to a medium because she was terrified by her crystal-clear visitations by spirits where she was told about her ability to connect to those who have passed over. “I’m known for naming those who have passed over to the other side. As I connect to the spirit plane, I will always name those passed over or family members in the living as I connect. I have all Claire senses which is very rare allowing me to connect and fine tune details within my sessions.” Now living on the coastal beaches of Adelaide Nicci spends her days roller-skating, Meditating and soaking up the sun as she regains her energy for her next reading as each reading affects her emotionally and physically explaining she can feel how a person passed over and feel the pain that caused the death. Nicci has now connected to the spirit world over a thousand times across Australia and internationally with clients in no shortage for her help to solve unanswered questions.
Anna Kulinova speaks highly of Eloise as a gifted
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Eloise recently connected with Ellie Gonsalves, known for her film debut, Fighting with My Family (2019), Zebra (2019) and her Yellowtail Super Bowl Commercial (2017). Connecting her with her and her deceased father. She was absolutely blown away by Eloise’s ability to describe what items she had of her fathers and certain memories that would be significant to her. “I’m so mind blown and if anybody is looking for an experience, she’s going to change your life, this was just an amazing experience”, said Gonsalves. Eloise also connected with Jessika Power who rose to fame on the sixth series of Married At First Sight Australia (MAFS). She's also appeared on Big Brother VIP and is currently starring on Celebs Go Dating. Nicci connected Power with her deceased ex-boyfriend and deceased family members. Eloise was even able to locate how and where they died and personal possessions that Power had of her ex-boyfriend and kept. “It was just crazy the things she knew, it just shocked me …. how do you know ages dates and even in detail what happened and even our favourite song when I used to play him music. I was so emotional after the reading. She could describe even his funeral and the week that he was in an induced coma little bits and pieces you can’t get online”, Said Power. Bulgarian Fashionista, Hollywood actress and Victoria’s Secret model Anna Kulinova speaks highly of Eloise as a gifted medium and reader. “I just had a reading with the most amazing psychic Nicci. She came up with all the names in my life I was shocked but most of all she knew my dad who had passed”, said Kulinova. Eloise has also provided crucial information to Police resulting in fresh evidence used to help close ‘Cold Case Murders’ and she looks forward to helping police in the future knowing she has connected with the deceased victims. Eloise describes herself as just a messenger explaining that when she discovered she possessed all ‘Clair’ senses it made her realise she has an incredibly gift as a psychic and medium. “I can hear them so clearly. They give me their name or their wife or husbands name as they come through. They show me how they passed, and I always receive their date of passing or birthday as they come through. I still struggle to this day to comprehend that I communicate with the spirit world. It’s a miracle that I can bring peace, clarity and closure to someone who is grieving just by connecting and listening to their passed over loved ones. As they step into the earth side to communicate with me, I will feel the emotion that they felt upon passing. I have done thousands of readings and I am in the process of having my book based on my experiences published soon by Balboa Press”, smiled Eloise.

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